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Mark Whibread's ECG Bootcamp Axis card which provides a clearly labelled hexaxial reference system.

Anti-microbial plastic for infection control. Clips on the lanyard for quick initial assessment of Axis deviation.

Limb Leads/Axis Deviation card


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Mark Whitbread's ECG Bootcamp learning tool.

Systematic approach is essential to the understanding of the 12 Lead ECG.

This useful card concept assists with your approach and aids the diagnosis of the normal 12 lead ECG.

A must for all pre-hospital care providers with an interest in ECGs and acute cardiology.

Anti-microbial plastic for infection control. Clips on your lanyard.

Systematic card


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The Rapid – Cardiac Analysis Tool (R-CAT) ECG (EKG) Badge is a Flexible 91mm by 61mm plastic card with a reversible see-through baseline window that is about the same size as an average ID badge or credit card allowing it to fit in any size pocket or be worn on a badge clip. This product can be used for both ECG rhythm strip and 12 lead ECG analysis. The R-CAT ECG Badge features unique calibrated tools for evaluating heart rate, PR, QRS, QT intervals and significant Q-Waves.

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R-CAT Badge


Rapid identification of ECG (EKG) Rhythms and 12 lead changes associated with Myocardial Ischemia, Injury and Infarction can lead to proper treatment, reduced critical errors and improved clinical outcomes for the Cardiac Patient. Flexible 82mm x 170mm plastic card with a reversible see-through baseline window that can fit in your pocket Can be used for both EC rhythm strips and 12 lead ECG analysis. Unique tool for evaluating, Heart Rate, PR, QRS, QT Intervals, Significant Q-Waves and Heart Blocks.

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R-CAT Window


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R-CAT Badge/Window bundle



Designed to measure electrocardiogram waveforms, specially when the rhythm is extremely fast or slow.

Plastic protective cover features a moulded ruler to aid in measurements.



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