Master your ECG skills...

Tuesday 23 Wednesday 24 April 2019

2 Day Advanced ECG Bootcamp


Course cost:


The course includes a set of learning tools for each participant. There is a discount for CoP members details apply.

Course details:

Day One:

- Systematic Approach

- 12 Lead in ACS both STEMI and High Risk ACS

- Bundle Branch Blocks

- Hemi Blocks

- Cardiac Axis

- Real life pre hospital Case studies

Day Two:

- Quick revision of day one

- Chamber enlargement

- Tachycardias

- Bradycardia's

- “Important Things Not to Miss”

- Real life case studies

Included on the 2 day Boot Camp course is a set of learning tools for each attendee.

Whitbread's Advanced ECG Boot Camp is a unique, highly interactive two day course covering all aspects of the 'Emergency ECG'.

The Boot Camp is ideally suited for Paramedics and 3rd Year University students.

The two day course is structured to be both interactive and theoretical  in format and covers a number of different areas.

The course is delivered face to face in small groups by Mark Whitbread and covers the points below:

Systematic approach to the 12 Lead ECG


The importance of patient history and examination


The 12 Lead ECG in Acute Coronary Syndromes


STEMI mimics


The important Tachycardia's/Bradycardia’s


The key essentials of  patient management